Lee Adkins

Developer at Spire. Founder of Ravsonic Studios.

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Watch List for the week of March 31, 2014

In addition to software design and development, I also trade stocks. To improve my own skills, I’m going to start dropping a list of stocks I’m watching and why I’m watching them here each week. While I’ll try to note any fundamental reasons I’m mentioning them, most of my trading is based of technical analysis of the underlying security. The discussion on this blog will focus on that.

I primarily focus on OTC penny stocks. There was a lot of action in this space last week, especially near the end of the week with a huge selloff on some of the marijuana related tickers. Many of the charts are in some sketchy territory as they rebound and attempt to resume their upward trends. Here’s some of what I’m looking for this week.

As a disclaimer, I don’t currently have any position in any of the tickers listed, but it’s safe to assume that I may initiate a long position in any of them at some...

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Day One as a Glass Explorer

I took the plunge. After passing up my first invitation into the Google Glass Explorer Program in December, I received another shot last week. I spent essentially all weekend deliberating with my significant other. We weighed various pros and cons. We scrutinized all the color choices. The typical stuff you do when you’re about to drop a large chunk of change on what is really just a late stage prototype.

By Sunday night, I had made my decision. I plugged my credit card in, picked some accessories, and placed my order. Thirty-six hours later, our friendly neighborhood UPS driver was dropping it off at my doorstep.


I had all these grandiose ideas of how I’d use Glass. By the time I’d broken the seal of the shipping box, I’d forgotten all of that. Today was mostly spent reveling in the novelty of the thing. Because Glass is so new to me, I found myself thinking about it much like...

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